Apple’s Mythical iWatch is the Missing Piece to a 1000 piece puzzle

The world of technology we live in is a large puzzle with many pieces that until the final piece is put in place is an incomplete picture. The mythical iWatch is that missing piece to the puzzle that completes the picture. The 2014 WWDC shows that Apple is strategically partnering with a diverse range companies to create an environment where everything is automated and controlled by your phone. Locks, temperature, lights, televisions, ovens could all be controlled on a singe device. The use of beacon technology will allow consumers to interact with businesses and companies in new and exciting ways. Partnering with car manufacturers offers new opportunities for owners to operate their cars.

So the million-dollar question is why would anyone want to buy a smart watch if the phone does everything one needs? Simple, the phone, unless in use, is hidden in a pocket of purse. A watch is always present without interfering barriers. Need to change a room’s temperature, the watch is in front of you. Proximity controls allows the user to unlock and drive their car without the need for keys. Stores utilizing iBeacon technology can send promotions, news and coupons to the consumer, and in-turn offer payment methods using NFC or other transaction methods. The iPhone was about communication, the iWatch will be about how one interacts with the environment.

Why else would Apple want to sell a watch? Because of the cell phone, the need to tell time using a watch has been greatly diminished. As a result, there is an extremely large population of people who can be introduced, or re-introduced, to a new concept of what a watch can do.

Currently, all SmartWatches are very toy-like and lack style. Apple is working with former execs from Burberry, Yves St. Laurent and Nike and has built a reputation of placing emphasis on aesthetics. So it is safe to assume that this mythical iWatch will be elegant and most likely available in leather, steel and rubber bands/straps (something lacking in most available SmartWatches).

Apple will win the SmartWatch war because they’ve created an ecosystem through strategic partnerships and their watch will be the piece that holds the technology ecosystem together. In order for competitors to compete, partnerships will need to be established and as it currently stands, that seems unlikely in the short-term.


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